8 skincare tips for men on how to get clear skin

There is a growing trend in modern men to care for their skin. But don’t just go out and buy any product the wellness industry is trying to sell you. Ask somebody who already knows or read some articles about skincare tips for men on how to get clear skin. But grooming products are not the only thing affecting your skin.

The younger generation, millennial men, are becoming more self-centred compared to older generations. This is a result of the question “How can I be the best version of myself?” which often bears on men’s minds and spills over into the wellness area. Men too, are feeling the pressure of body and beauty ideals as represented on social media and television.

In the beginning, men used to use products designed for women. No longer were different shaving products and deodorants enough. Products designed for woman solve different problems though.

In general, men have thicker, tougher and oilier skin than women and so face a different set of challenges. But the wellness industry was only too keen to oblige and provide products designed for men.

Statista estimates the male grooming market to reach USD 81.2 billion by 2024. But where is this sudden interest coming from? Several factors contribute to this rising trend:

  • The influence of social media
  • Increase in spending power
  • Male grooming is not a social taboo anymore
  • Rise of the metro-sexual professional

Pressure to perform

The pressure that men experience is closely related to economic instability. This is different compared to the pressure women feel. The drive to be financially successful is more important than to be perceived attractive. The job market is not as stable as it once was and job security is harder to come by these days.

Personal development is increasingly at the forefront of a men’s mind. Besides looking good, men are interested in products that increase their performance at all times. And companies cater to these trends by offering products that increase confidence and boost focus at the same time.

If you are still washing your face with normal soap but are not getting the results you want you will have to step up your game. But not only skincare products are affecting how clear your skin is. Here are 8 skincare tips for men on how to get clear skin.

1.) Cleanse your face

Most soaps out there contain chemicals which are harsh to your face and take away more than you want. Get yourself a mild face cleanser and use it daily. It is most important to clean your face in the evening before going to bed.

During the day, your skin produces sebum which clogs up your pores. Sebum is the oily substance that your skin produces to protect it.

Muscular man washing his face in the bathroom over the sink

But sebum is not the only thing that needs removing in the evening. Imagine pollution, exhaust fumes and other dust particles that stick to your skin as sebum is oily and sticky.

Those particles accumulate on your skin during the day. If you don’t wash your face you’ll take that sebum-dust layer and rub it into your pillowcase when you go to bed. It will stay on your pillowcase until you wash it which has the opposite effect of what you want to achieve.

If you feel you also have an oily face in the morning do cleanse your face as part of your morning routine as well. However, avoid washing your face more often than twice a day to avoid dryness and irritation.

2.) Exfoliate your skin

After you’ve cleansed your face, exfoliate it about 2 – 3 times a week. I prefer to do it every second day but only because I have very oily skin. Exfoliating means applying a face scrub to your face and removing dead skin cells. This will reveal fresher and more youthful skin.

It also keeps your skin clean as dead skin cells can accumulate quickly, especially on oily skin, and cause acne, ingrown hairs and wrinkles. Exfoliating also softens the hair follicles resulting in a smoother shave with less irritation.

If you haven’t exfoliated before, start with a gentle face scrub product (chemical exfoliant) on a 2 times per week cycle. After the first few applications, you can see how your skin reacts to the product and if you can increase it to 3 times or every second day.

Depending on your skin’s reaction you either stay on the gentle product or go for a rougher one (abrasive exfoliant). Be careful though, those can cause skin irritation.

When applying the face scrub don’t stretch or pull your skin. Avoid pressing too hard on the face scrub as this can also cause skin irritation. Leave the area around your eyes free to avoid eye contact. Getting one of those scrubs into your eyes is very painful.

Rinse gently with warm water once you are done and make sure all the scrubs are removed. Don’t rub your towel against your face at this stage as your skin might get irritated. Try to pat your face dry with a dry towel.

3.) Use a good moisturiser and apply it daily

After you’ve cleansed your skin, apply a good moisturiser. This should be your go-to product to keep your skin hydrated and look your best. Never apply the moisturiser on the skin that hasn’t been cleaned before. If you do, you might lock in sebum, sweat and other impurities into your pores.

A good moisturiser will also protect you from external factors like wind, sun and sweat which can dry out your skin. Dry skin on your face can often appear saggy and wrinkles are more prominent.

When choosing your moisturiser, keep your skin type, seasonal aspects and your current environment in mind. Somebody working outside in the open will need a different product to somebody working in an office environment. Colder months usually need a moisturiser with more oil content as your skin dries our quicker.

I have quite oily skin, especially on my forehead. Hence I will use a matt moisturiser (no/little oil content) in spring/autumn and a gel in the summer months. In the winter I’d use a high-quality product with normal oil content.

A good moisturiser makes all the difference and is among the top tips for men on how to get clear skin.

Man with black hair and beard applying moisturiser around the eye area

Apply moisturiser to your skin twice a day after you’ve cleansed your face. If you have very dry skin, carry some product with you and top up your hydration level around midday. You don’t need to slab a lot of product onto your face. A small amount is enough. If you have areas that are prone to acne, apply a little less to those areas.

4.) Establish a skincare routine and follow it

Starting and following a skincare routine is the single best thing you can do for clear skin. Applying the products a few times per week is not enough though. Consistency is key when it comes to your routine as you’d want to prevent issues in the first place.

Maintaining clear skin for men requires daily preventative measures to keep it healthy. A consistent routine including high-quality products will keep your skin bright, firm and clear in the long term. Avoiding signs of ageing requires a diligent process.

5.) Watch your shaving equipment and products

There is nothing better than the feeling of a great, close shave. Unless the shave is followed by irritated skin, razor bumps and cuts to your skin. Shaving puts pressure on your skin resulting in issues when you don’t use the right products and equipment.

A close shave requires three things. Good preparation of your skin and hair before the shave. A good, suitable razor and high-quality shaving cream.

Unfortunately, most men tend to squeeze the most value out of their razors. This might good for your wallet but not so good for your skin. Old shaving tools are a source of acne as they might introduce bacteria to your skin. Dull blades pull the hair more aggressively and don’t perform a clean cutting motion.

Bear in mind we are only talking about one blade. If you tend to use a newer Gillette cartridge razor you will compound the problem due to its 5 or 6 blades. One of the main tips for men on how to get clear skin is to change your razor blades regularly.

After the shave itself, you are not finished. It’s important to apply a good aftershave product as this can soothe irritated skin and prevent infections in case you had any cuts. It also makes your skin feel fresh and extra clean.

During the shaving process, your skin will lose some moisture. A good aftershave product will restore that and create a protective layer.

6.) Cut back on the sugar

Most people love a bit of sugar in their diet. Be it in the form of a nice dessert or into a coffee. But sugar is an inflammatory food, which may lead to inflammation in your body.

Inflammation is a key aspect when acne forms hence why you might see an increased amount of acne the day after you’ve indulged in birthday cake. If you do have skin problems in the form of acne have a look at your diet. How much sugar do you consume?

Two metal spoons in white and brown sugar

Quitting (or reducing) sugar may also slow the ageing process. Another benefit for your skin due to fewer wrinkles. And who doesn’t want a slimmer waistline? As you can see, cutting out sugar from your diet has more benefits than you might think.

7.) Get a good night’s sleep – consistently

Getting enough sleep is not only important to combat stress but also to maintain clear skin. Studies (here and here) have shown that a lack of sleep makes you look tired and less healthy.

A lack of sleep shows foremost on your face. Who hasn’t heard the phrase “Are you OK? You look tired.”. This also means you are less attractive to others. Here are 9 tips to sleep better.

Your skin functions differently during the night compared to during the day. During the day, it acts as a protective layer against pollution, the sun and other elements.

During the night, your skin has increased blood flow, more collagen growth and faster cell regeneration. This results in time to repair itself and regenerate. More collagen in your skin also means a plumper look and fewer wrinkles.

8.) Invest in good skin products

Quality skincare is not cheap. But, there are more expensive brands which are not worth their price tags. Then there are others which are. Bear in mind you are making an investment in your health and appearance.

In the end, it all boils down to the ingredients. Avoid products that include petrochemicals, parabens and formaldehyde. Parabens and formaldehyde are preservatives used in the cosmetic industry to make products last for longer. Both are harmful to your skin whereas formaldehyde has even been linked to cancer.


Above tips for men to get clear skin might seem daunting considering you have to work on it every single day. Don’t be encouraged, a good skincare routine doesn’t need to take hours to execute. Once you have found the products you like you can just stick with them. A little effort goes a long way when it comes to skincare.

What’s your favourite skincare routine? Do you have any products you swear by? Let me know in the comment section below and sign up to my blog to receive weekly updates.

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